Companies can do a lot for the water. Participate!

What if you could tell a new story? What if you could say that the company you work for contributes to the water security of the Cantareira System?

Atibainha Reservoir, in Nazaré Paulista (SP), is one of the five reservoirs that compose the Cantareira System


The water from the Cantareira System is not exclusive to the supply of the population in residences. Companies from diverse segments draw water from the rivers that add to the reservoirs.

The main sectors utilizing this water are the agro-industry, agrochemicals, food, beverages, pulp and paper, energy, gas, mining, petrochemicals, chemicals, and textiles.

In other words, the impacts of water crisis go beyond public supply. Reduction in food production and restrictions on industrial production are also part of the main consequences of water scarcity. The outcome is a decrease in economic activity. Namely, the results of the private sector are compromised.

But what if you, who work at one of these companies, could tell a new story? What if your company could contribute to the water security of this System?

Be part of the Sowing Water Project!

Talk to the Project’s team and learn how to join efforts to increase water security:

    Employees of companies in the regions that supply and benefit from the water in the Cantareira System carry out agroforestry plantations on rural properties
    Photo by Ilana Bar/Estúdio Garagem

    Employees of a company benefited from the Cantareira System and children who live in the water supply region carry out plantations in a Permanent Preservation Area near the Atibainha Reservoir in Nazaré Paulista (SP)
    Photo by Ilana Bar/Estúdio Garagem